NFC implants and Bitcoins together.

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We are working on new ways of Bio-payments to integrate in shops and physical places.

The power within

All trends are pointing in one direction, from mobile to wearable and from wearable to function within our bodies.
We all have the power within. But it’s a hell lot easier with a microchip implant...

The researchers are eager to find a way to power up the contact lens and the microchips under our skin, because that’s the missing link. But for now we will have to content ourselves with passive microchips that can store your passport number, bitcoin wallet credentials and other sensitive data.

Three guys partnered up and pulled off a trick that made the Bitcoin people stunned. The first ever payment from an implanted microchip was made and the story has been covered by Vice, Feber, Mic, Techradar, Reddit, The Daily Decrypt, Guillermo Fuertes, and more to come. The trio has been invited to hackathons and seminars. It has been a busy couple of days for the guys who didn’t expect this at all.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much, we all have the power within, we just have to figure out a way to use it. But it’s a hell lot easier with a microchip implant...

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This is us

We love hacking, we love technology and we love the biohacking movement.
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Hektor Wallin

Fullstack Ninja, Banzai!!
Hektor can take anything and wrap it like a ninja in minutes! Nodejs, Javascript, JAVA, webapps….
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Juanjo Tara

Restless Engineer. So…now just connect this cable here and…. Plof!
Juanjo is a chipster with a lot of cables,sensors and Arduino boards in his table.
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Patric Lanhed

Creative Technologist , UX and Design is not a problem for him
Another chipster. If Patric need to design whatever, it just matter of time! 3D modeling UX or UI.

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